Fabrikatör, the leading inventory planning software for Shopify and direct-to-customer brands, today unveiled the comprehensive Shopify Ecosystem Report, highlighting the dynamics of the Shopify market in key global markets, including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany.

Shopify is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce software platforms, holding 16.36% of the total e-commerce share globally, with $7.06B in revenue in 2023 and a YoY 26.07% increase.

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Fabrikatör’s study reveals how the Shopify ecosystem looks in the top five countries with the most active Shopify stores: the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany. Even though those markets are quite strong for Shopify, there are some differences among them.

Market share of Shopify in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Germany

Shopify has the biggest market share in the USA with 28%, followed by WooCommerce Checkout with 17%, Wix Stores with 16%, Squarespace with 14%, and Ecwid with 4%, according to Statista report in 2023.


In the UK, the market share of Shopify, with 21%, is slightly lower than WooCommerce Checkout, with 22%. Wix Stores ranked third with a market share of 17 percent, followed by Squarespace with 12% and Ecwid with 10%.

As of April 2024, Shopify was the e-commerce platform with the biggest market share in Canada by quite a large margin at 30 percent, according to Statista. Squarespace followed with their Add to Cart (17 percent), Active Store (three percent), and Commerce service (three percent).

In Australia, as of September 2020, open-source WooCommerce was Australia's leading e-commerce platform application, holding a market share of around 34.38 percent, according to Statista. The Australian market is the most fragmented one with different players in the market. 100sklepow and Adobe Business Catalyst have a 3.39% market share, followed by Magento with 3.05%, BigCommerce with 1.7%, Weebly eCommerce with 1.5% and OpenCart with 1.42%

Germany is the leading country in the EU among Shopify stores, with over 81 thousand active stores, and the fifth country worldwide. At the same time, Shopify, the biggest e-commerce software vendor in Germany, with a 24% market share, followed closely by Ecwid with a 22% market share, according to the Statista report, 2023. Shopware, a Germany-based platform provider, has a 6% market share, unlike the other markets.